Chris Coleman backs Wales to win against Ireland


Wales boss Chris Coleman trusts his players to yield a positive result against the Republic of Ireland as they look to qualify for the World Cup.

Gareth Bale Wales

Ireland legend labelled Gareth Bale ‘average’ | Image: Wikipedia

The response comes in back of Republic Ireland legend Johnny Giles’ astonishing remarks about Wales.
The former Leeds star branded Wales ‘an average side’. He also rubbished world class tags for star players Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey.

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However, Wales boss Chris Coleman isn’t up for mind games, and he puts his focus completely on yielding a good result against the Irish side.
The former Fulham manager joked that he should be a world class manager if his team were average in a pre-game press conference. “If this is an average team I must be a hell of a manager – I’m happy with him saying that because it makes me look good!”, he laughed.
“Look, this said, that said – it happened last time we had a derby – but me and Martin both know full well that when that whistle blows, and we lock horns, it doesn’t matter what is said, who is a good player, who is not a good player.”

Focus on the pitch

The manager also lavished praises for his players – and expects his players to respond any criticism on the pitch.  He continued: “No matter what anyone says, the game is what counts and, like in every game we play representing out the country, we are ready to perform. This is no different.
“If people want to write us off, that’s up to them. I have a huge amount of trust in these players. Why wouldn’t I? We’ve lost one campaign games in 16. Their attitude is the best I’ve ever seen. They will go on, and they are together. If people want to pressure on this game, that’s up to them, but no chance will I do. I trust them because look what they’ve done. I don’t worry about it.”


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