FIFA 18 Player Ratings: Top Players & Icons in FIFA 18


Electronic Arts’ latest edition of it’s annual game FIFA has brought new items to the FIFA Ultimate Team in PS4 and PC. The icons in FIFA were exclusive to only Xbox before. However, the new addition means we can enjoy the benefits across all consoles.
Here are FIFA 18’s highest player ratings (including Icons):
For the sake of no ambiguity, we have selected the best Ultimate Team card for all of the played mentioned.

10. Ruud Gullit – 93

Ruud Gullit FIFA Player Ratings
The Champions League winner with Ajax, Ruud Gullit is ranked as one of the top players in FIFA 18. Boasting an attacker rating of 92, the Dutch center forward can be used as a proper creator as well as finisher. His heading ability of 90 is a bonus for all FIFA Ultimate Team fanatics.

9. Marco van Basten – 93

Van Basten FIFA Player Ratings
Another Dutch addition to list is striker Marco van Basten. With a shooting ability of 94, the striker is a luxury you crave in a FIFA Ultimate Team.

8. Lothar Matthäus – 93

Matthaus FIFA Player Ratings
Most of the football games are won and lost in midfield. Hence, the best football simulation game too isn’t far off in that respect. With his brilliant passing range and his defensive prowess, the German midfielder will be akin to rip apart defences and break your opponent’s hearts.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo -94

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA Player Ratings
One of the best, if not the best, Cristiano Ronaldo is the face of FIFA 18. The forward’s ability to score goals has helped him achieve multiple titles divided across club and country. Consequently in FIFA 18, you get what is expected from one of the best players – power, pace and drive to beat past defences.

6. Ronaldinho- 94

Ronaldinho FIFA Player Ratings
The man with every skill available in a textbook, Ronaldinho has been our favourite footballer for a while. The Brazilian, unsurprisingly, is one of our favourite FIFA icons too.
5. Paolo Maldini – 94
Maldini FIFA Player Ratings
First of all, solidity in the back wins you titles whilst Paolo Maldini wins you trebles. Besides, FIFA’s new approach to defensive play makes having a player like Paolo Maldini even more important.

4. Lionel Messi – 94

Messi FIFA Player Ratings
The Messiah of football, Lionel Messi is a footballing sensation and a proper superstar. Furthermore, his ability on the pitch speak volumes of the things you can do with him in a football simulation game. It is not really any different. He plays football like it is a FIFA game anyway.
3. Ronaldo- 96
Ronaldo FIFA Player Ratings
Most noteworthy, the Brazilian Ronaldo possesses a massive overall of 96 but what is even more astounding is his pace of 97 and 95 dribbling. You can wreck defences with those attributes.
2. Diego Maradona – 97
Maradona FIFA Player Ratings
Magic and Relentlessness – two words that perfectly describe Diego Maradona as a player and a FUT icon.
1. Pele – 98
Pele FIFA Player Ratings
Arguably the best ever footballing star and probably the best ever FIFA icon too. Meanwhile, the Brazilian won titles for fun in Brazil whilst scoring goals came by as easily as breathing air for him.


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