Ten Greatest Football Betting Wins Ever


While gambling puts your money at an unwanted risk, there have been several examples of punters making big bucks on a regular basis.
The betting market seems to expand day by day. New and attractive bets are in place to attract a different population of football fans.
Novelty bets are common among casual punters, while other punters usually put their money on several bets about a goal scored in the United Kingdom.

10. 2014 World Cup Final

Germany routed over Brazil in the FIFA World Cup 2014 semi-final on their turf. The visitors conceded seven goals against the eventual champions to record their most significant defeat ever.
German fans were jubilant over their team’s performance, but one particular punter had more than one reason to be happy.


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He predicted that the German national team would win against the South American side by 7-1 along with a successful punt of Sami Khedira ending up on the scoresheet.
You’d wonder whether there is a time machine in the future. He won 46000 pounds for the 20 pound he invested.

9. Going against all the odds

A punter’s late emotional breakdown perhaps helped him earn massive when he chose not to trust FC Barcelona.
Usually, Barcelona don’t lose against weaker sides in the La Liga, but they faced a shock 1-0 defeat to Real Sociedad back in 2016. In hindsight, punter’s decision proved to be a wise one which won him £53,000 ($76,000) from the cash-out.

8. The wonder of cash-out

Ever gone through an accumulator where you win across multiple events only for the last one to fail? One gambler had enough of anticipation in a 21-leg accumulator he put.
The lure of 1.2 million pounds perhaps would have hunted him, but Wycombe’s Myles Weston scored late against Plymouth Argyle to prove his decision was a master-stroke. He won 223,000 pounds in the consequent cash-out.

7. Lucky eight

Betting against all the odds seems to be a way to go for several gamblers across the world. But one speculator took it to another level as he waged on eight several games with one including West Ham / Stoke draw when the London club were already trailing 2-0.
As a result, he won 650 thousand pounds, money enough to buy a new apartment in London.

6. Drew knew

British heptathlete Karla Drew was in the spotlight for her exceptional betting back in 2014. The athlete put a 5-pound bet in a wager that included ten international matches and woke up 50,000 pounds richer.

5. Lucky number seven

A Londoner, Steve Sales must undoubtedly be one of the most fortunate people alive in the world. Without any knowledge of the Scottish football, he put bets on three Scottish sides (Inverness, Dundee and Ross County) all winning 7-0 and surprisingly, they delivered.

4. Non-league to the rescue

Another lucky punter won big through games in the Scottish football. The gambler put his money on four non-league sides (Cove Rangers, Huntly, Culter and Wick Academy) and backed them to win their first round of Scottish Cup tie by more than four goals.
Consequently, his 100 pounds became 100,000 making him rich overnight.

3. Thank you, Marten de Roon

One man has to thank Marten de Roon personally for making him a fortune.
After putting punts over 15 different matches, all the punter needed was City to draw Middlesbrough in his final event.
de Roon scored a famous injury-time equaliser to duly deliver which earned him 112,500 pounds from 15 pounds he invested.

2. Diversity at it’s best

A 1,666,666-1 bet is a rarity in the betting world, but winning from such a chance is a wonder.
One lucky punter though, had all the stars aligned in his favour winning him a half a million pound from his 30p bet.
His bets were diverse with his 15-event accumulator including the top five English teams, bottom three Scottish leagues and matches in cricket and rugby.

1. Euro Cup wonder

British kitchen serviceman Daman Chick was a millionaire overnight for his betting in the Euro Cup final.
Euro Cup 2016 Betting
Many backed France to win the Euro Cup as they faced a relatively weak Portugal in the final. However, Daman put his money on Portugal winning the game, and also predicted the true goal-scorer and the exact minute for the goal.
His 5 pound turned into 1 million pounds making him a millionaire.


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