Newcastle confident of £30 million Kieran Tierney deal

Kieran Tierney may be on his way out of London and into Newcastle United’s region of the North East after a difficult season at Arsenal.

Tierney, who was once a Celtic phenomenon before joining Arsenal in 2019 for £25 million, has only appeared in six league games this season after Oleksandr Zinchenko replaced him in the starting lineup.

However, Arsenal’s strategy to get rid of unimportant players like Tierney is intended to bankroll important transfer targets, most notably Declan Rice, a midfielder for West Ham United.

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The Gunners have been vocal about their interest in Rice, but they have been hesitant to pay the midfielder’s high asking price of £100 million.

Regarding Tierney, he has enjoyed living in London, particularly his friendship with fellow Scot and Arsenal chef Johnny McCallum. McCallum, on the other hand, is anticipated to remain at Arsenal, leaving Tierney to get used to prospective new surroundings.

Given the potential Tierney has shown throughout his stint, Arsenal fans will undoubtedly feel the pain if he leaves.

The wheel of football transfers, though, keeps turning, and as Arsenal’s attention shifts to other targets, a new era at the Emirates may be in store.