Thiago Alcantara contract: With one year left, the Spaniard’s future hangs in balance

With 12 months left on his contract as of this summer, Thiago Alcantara is unlikely to be offered an extension at Liverpool, allowing him to leave in 2024.

Thiago stands out as an outlier to Liverpool’s player acquisition strategy because he was possibly the only player with established international standing signed by Jurgen Klopp.

He arrived having already reached the age of 29, but he also did so having won 11 league championships and the Champions League twice during his distinguished runs with Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

He was apparently considered different as a result, and regrettably, the midfielder’s advancing age has brought on continuing fitness concerns, with hip surgery prematurely terminating his most recent campaign.

Liverpool think tank must be making a decision about the Spaniard soon because he, along with Joel Matip, are the only two players with one year remaining on their current contracts.

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Neil Jones of GOAL also reports that Thiago is unlikely to be offered a new contract, opening the door for a free transfer the following season.

Liverpool also reportedly offered Thiago to Atletico Madrid ahead of the upcoming 2023-24 campaign. But things didn’t turn out Liverpool’s way. 

Despite sporadic rumors of a return to Barcelona, he is not anticipated to be sold this summer, but it seems that his stay won’t be extended either.

Despite being one of the top-paid players at the club, Thiago has only once played more than 30 games in his three seasons at Anfield. He will turn 33 in April.

Liverpool overruled coach Jurgen Klopp and let James Milner leave this summer, seemingly wanting to learn from their costly mistakes of keeping players past their prime. And Thiago’s fate also seems to be going in Milner’s way.